ProSoft HR Benefits

Our flagship solution, ProSoft HR Core underpins all core HR operations. It stores employee records securely and logically, and provides easy permitted access for both managers and staff, via a browser from any device anywhere. This facilitates timely discussion about holidays, performance and career goals, while spreading the administrative burden and reducing costs.

This is complemented by a range of optional plug-in modules designed to provide specialist support for health & safety management, as well as for business-advancing tasks such as succession planning, learning & development, appraisals and 360 reviews.

ProSoft HR Features

Modular Set Up

Allowing you to customise your requirements.

Hosted or Non Hosted

Cloud or self hosted solutions.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate into your existing systems.

Highly Configurable

Allows you to adapt the system to your needs.

Customer Support

Live online or phone support.

Staff Collaboration

Helping your key assets work together.

Evolving Product

Staying in tune with customers needs.

Self Service

Access from any computer with an internet connection.

and more...

To help organisations of all sizes stimulate and harness the potential of their human resources for an optimum return on investment.
Helping companies worldwide to efficiently administer, engage, motivate, train, resource, protect and retain their staff.
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Streamlining HR Resources

ProSoft HR makes it easy to set realistic Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements that trigger exceptional alerts. This increases a manager’s ability to keep abreast of staff performance, availability, capabilities and budgets, even across multiple locations, and swiftly spot and address any emerging issues.

Alerts are also issued when certificates and licences are due for renewal, which removes the headache of ensuring compliance with Health & Safety, or other regulatory or contractual obligations.

At the same time, the remote log-in feature encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own career progression. This has been proven to boost staff morale which not only results in an uplift in productivity but improves staff retention. This, in turn, reduces recruitment and training costs as well as the reliance on temporary staff, while also protecting the business’ valuable knowledge base.

Combined, the suite of ProSoft HR solutions greatly streamlines the management of human resources. As well as bringing significant savings, this frees up HR managers to focus on more forward-planning tasks and play a more strategic role in the running of the business.

Furthermore, the open platform and free, automated updates will ensure ProSoft HR stays abreast of the latest technology developments, which will maximise your options in the future.

ProSoft HR
ProSoft HR

A Sound Investment

All this makes ProSoft HR a really sound investment. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask our clients:

We have worked with ProSoft on a number of projects, integrating the ProSoft HR performance management system into our client’s businesses. Straight forward to deal with and always available to discuss any issues.

Damian Winstone COO Turning Point HR Solutions

We looked at a number of HR office solutions and the ease with which we could comprehend ProSoft HR gave it the edge over its competitors.

Rob Stoyle Director - Helmores Estate Agents

ProSoft HR is user friendly, self-explanatory, and easily accessible to all. Overall the system is robust, transparent and user-friendly, and CCHA would recommend to any organisation.

Eleanor Elliott Customer Services Manager - CCHA
ProSoft HR