ProSoft HR Products

ProSoft HR Overview ProSoft systems are provided through a per-user license, and are modular aswell as highly scalable. This allows clients to only purchase what they need, and expand the system incrementally as their business grows.

All ProSoft HR software is developed using the latest, ubiquitous Microsoft tools. This makes it intuitive to use, minimising user training bills. It also makes the systems quick to install, easy to integrate with other business systems, and highly configurable so they adapt to a client’s processes. Furthermore, the open platform and automated updates will ensure ProSoft HR stays abreast of the latest technology developments, which will maximise a client’s options in the future.

Combined, the suite of ProSoft HR solutions greatly streamlines the management of human resources. As well as bringing significant savings, this frees up HR managers to focus on more forward-planning tasks and play a more strategic role in the running of the business.

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Strategic Boost

ProSoft HR provides intuitive drill-down and querying functionality that makes it really easy to assess skills gaps, identify talent and optimise training budgets and workforce performance.

The customisable reports also enable executives to gather the real-time, business-level information they need in order to track trends, invest wisely and make competition-beating plans for the future.