ProSoft HR Company News

February 2018

Prosoft HR focusses on appraisals and training.

Some changes have been happening in the ProSoft HR system! New functionality added to appraisals and training and new reporting abilities - find out more by emails us at hello @

January 2016

Small graphical changes to ProSoft HR.

Over the course of the next few weeks you may notice some minor graphical changes to the software for the purposes of the re-brand. Any software functional or interface changes we will of course inform you of prior to adding them to the live system.

Launch of new website!

The official beginning of the re-brand - for those of you that are unaware, we are re-branding our PaHRis software as ProSoft HR.

There will be no difference to the software at this stage; there will be cosmetic changes to the software in the near future but we will update this page as and when this will be happening.

December 2015