CCHA - Cardiff Community Housing Association

Cardiff Community Housing Association were looking for a solution to streamline their HR and administrative workload within their organisation. Of particular interest was the ProSoft HR appraisal module in order to align employee performance with strategic corporate goals.

To streamline administration and staff management within CCHA.

ProSoft analysed their current system, held various meetings with CCHA and drafted a proposal to offer them. An agreement was reached and we started to build online a skeleton framework whereby they could visualise the new system. During the build we listened to feedback from CCHA and applied their thoughts alongside our expertise to the new system which has now been active for 18 months.

CCHA has found the ProSoft system to be much more effective and easy to use than its previous system. We have also actioned all their points raised and integrated them into the system - the end result has been efficiency by both managers and staff resulting in less time doing the administrative tasks that are required in any organisation. One tangible result that we have found from a support side is that we have less queries and anomalies to respond to.

The Learning and Development module was added in 2015 as a direct response to a CCHA request to encourage training from within the organisation. Keeping control of departmental training budgets and workflows surrounding training requests have been rolled out within the system. This ensures that the organisation can see at a glance the financial implications of training whilst also reducing the amount of administration time spent overseeing learning and development.

From our Client

"CCHA reviewed its performance appraisal process in 2010, and decided to implement the PAHRIS (now ProSoft HR) system instead of a paper based exercise. This allowed greater flexibility for both staff and managers to complete their performance assessment and to also track regular 1-2-1’s on a monthly basis, whilst freeing up time that was originally set aside for cumbersome paper documents.

In 2013, we installed the updated PAHRIS (now ProSoft HR) system, and have also had a number of bespoke adaptations to the system, which have proved excellent.

We have also used PAHRIS (now ProSoft HR) to undertake 360-Degree feedback, which proved to be very effective and efficient. We have now also purchased the Learning and Development module, so that it can link directly to monthly 1-2-1’s thus capturing L&D needs as they arise."