"Powering you to power your people" People. Potential. Profit.

Founded by a team of experienced HR and IT experts, ProSoft has designed a smart range of software packages that is helping organisations of all sizes to harness the potential of their human resources to optimise their profits.

Our Core Values

Customer Support

Priding ourselves on a true partnership with our clients, closely consulting pre- and during installation to ensure the systems meet expectations.

Making it Easy

Our aim is to make our software easy to use and intuitive to end users.


Giving our clients options is key - that is why we built our software in modular fashion to allow you to customise your requirements and tailor our services.

Creative & Open Minded

Whilst building and maintaining our software we keep an open mind on developmnent techniques whilst embracing any technolgical advances.

Honesty & Integrity

We enjoy what we do and always strive for the best for our staff and our clients. Like you, we believe our staff to be our most important asset.

Open & Genuine Relationships

We like to build open and honest relationships with our clients via communication and dialogue.

Integrate with existing software

All ProSoft HR software is developed using the latest, ubiquitous Microsoft tools. This makes it intuitive to use, minimising user training bills. It also makes the systems quick to install, easy to integrate with other business systems, and highly configurable so they adapt to a client’s processes.